Selecting the best music, connecting you with our homegrown musicians, publishing the most recent music news and North Shore events online and providing a superior digital stream to listeners across the planet takes time and costs money. We love what we've created and are delighted that our audience keeps growing. We want to continue creating more unique opportunities to connect listeners with the North Shore lifestyle. We have plans to provide in studio performances and streaming your favorite homegrown musicians live from North Shore venues. Please consider donating to keep our stream flowing! By giving any amount, we will return the favor by making you an official Superior Sounds Radio Member with a user name and password for access to the members only web site. You'll be able to chat with other members and comment on the music hear on Superior Sounds Radio. We've made it super easy to support Superior Sounds Radio. You can do so with a one time or sustaining donation through PayPal. All donations go directly to supporting what you hear on our internet stream and what you see on our web site. Thank you for your continued support!!


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