DNR How-To Webinars Continuing

August 31, 2021

The sessions are free and held at noon on Wednesdays. Registration is required at dnr.state.mn.us/fishwildlife/outreach/index.html.

Upcoming sessions include:

Sept. 1 — Expanded and expanding deer hunting opportunities. Details on how to apply for special hunts and how to find a place to hunt, or a new place to hunt.

Sept. 8 — Getting started in small game hunting, including equipment and where to hunt.

Sept. 15 — Transporting firearm or archery equipment for hunting, whether across town or around the world.

Sept. 22 ­— Waterfowl hunting basics, including tips and resources on how to get started

Sept. 29 — Fall bass fishing tips, tackle and techniques.

Oct. 6 — Bird hunting with a pointing dog, and the training required for both the owner and dog to become a team in the field.

Oct. 13 — Pheasant hunting strategies, techniques and how to get started chasing longtails.

Oct. 20 — Bats of Minnesota and why many consider them a great backyard visitor.

Oct. 27 — The latest on chronic wasting disease in Minnesota and what hunters need to know about this disease and what the DNR is doing to manage it.

Nov. 3 — Preparing for the firearms deer season, including last-minute tips, reminders, strategies to be successful this deer season.

Nov. 10 — Muzzleloader hunting tips and techniques.

Nov. 17 — Creating habitat in your woods to attract more wildlife.

Nov. 24 — "Nature Rx," ahead of "Free Park Friday" at all 75 Minnesota state parks, about the health benefits of getting outdoors in parks, forests and other natural settings.


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