Construction Updates: I-35, I-535, Hwy 53 Twin Ports Interchange

August 27, 2021

Traffic impacts
Current - Fall 2021
Intersection closures:
22nd Avenue West and West Superior Street (Superior Street will re-open mid-September)
Current Ramp Closures and Detours:
Southbound Hwy 53 to northbound I-35
Southbound Hwy 53 to southbound I-535
Northbound I-535 to northbound Hwy 53
Southbound I-35 to northbound Hwy 53
Northbound I-535 to southbound I-35
Southbound Highway 53 to southbound I-35
Northbound I-35 to northbound Highway 53
Lower Michigan Street is closed from near 15th Avenue West to 23rd Avenue West. Beginning in October, Lower Michigan Street will carry southbound I-35 traffic through the fall of 2022
Click here for detour maps. Detours will be in place prior to the start of demolition. All new ramps are scheduled to be open to traffic by fall of 2023.

A Temporary Traffic Signal in in operation at the intersection of Piedmont and 24th Avenue West.

Northbound and southbound I-35 are single lane from Garfield Avenue to 27th Avenue West. Single lane configuration will be in place through October.

Other Work
The Cross City Trail along Lower Michigan Street is closed and detoured from Spring 2021 to 2024. The city of Duluth has a detour in place.
See maps showing the traffic staging.
Late-fall 2021
Traffic will remain in this configuration until fall 2022
Southbound I-35 traffic will be moved to Lower Michigan Street in two lanes between Garfield
Avenue and 22nd Avenue West and northbound I-35 will be diverted to the existing southbound lanes of I-35.
Two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained.
Ramps to be closed for demolition:
Ramp from northbound I-35 to southbound I-535
Ramp from southbound I-35 to southbound I-535
Late-fall 2022
Both northbound and southbound I-35 traffic will be shifted to the newly completed northbound I-35 lanes. Two lanes in each direction will be maintained.

The ramps connecting I-35 to I-535 will re-open.

Fall 2023
All roadways and ramps will open on the final roadway.

Early-summer 2024
There will be lane closures for finishing work on I-35.


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